Roleplay and do the tasks below

Three people discussing cosmetic surgery. Complete the notes below with a suitable word or words. Study the notes for two minutes before listening to the recording.

(JO = Jean Oldham; RT = Rita Taylor; MH = Michael Hirst)

JO: Well, I work on a women’s magazine, so you can imagine how many beautiful models I’ve met. But I’m also in daily contact with women who are not physically perfect, and I have to say that the most beautiful women I know are not the models – they are the intelligent, interesting women whose inner beauty shines out. I believe that true beauty comes from within, and no amount of cosmetic surgery can give you that.

RT: Yes, I agree with you, Jean, but not everybody has the confidence to let their inner beauty shine out. Plastic surgery can actually give people that confidence. I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying to improve on what nature has given you.

MH: Ah well, that’s where I disagree with you, Rita. I think we should be grateful for what God has given us. The point is, it’s selfish and indulgent of people to spend vast amounts of money on superficial improvements when there’s so much poverty and sickness in the world.

RT: Actually, it’s not that expensive, you know, Michael. I mean having your nose done only costs the price of a vacation, and quite frankly, cosmetic surgery can do more for you than a vacation, because the benefits last longer.

JO: Well, I don’t know about that. I agree with Michael. I think that we should accept ourselves as we are and refuse to be influenced by stereotypical ideas of beauty.

RT: I’m sorry, but I don’t think you’re being very honest, Jean. I read your magazine and I frequently read articles encouraging women to have their hair dyed or highlighted. And do you ever go to the dentist, Michael? What do you think about people who have their teeth straightened? If you ask me, it’s no different from having cosmetic surgery.

MH: Hang on, Rita. I think we have to make the distinction here between having something done for health reasons and having some part of your body changed simply because you don’t like it...

JO: Or because you want to stay young. Of course it’s good to keep healthy, do sport, use sunscreen, that kind of thing, but I love to see life experience showing on people’s faces. These aging film-stars who’ve had so much cosmetic surgery ... they all look the same.

RT: It’s easy for you to say that, Jean, because you’re lucky enough to be a good-looking woman. But if you’re honest, I’m sure you will admit that your looks had something to do with you getting the job you have.

JO: Rita, are you suggesting...

MH: Oh, this is rubbish, Rita. You’re talking about a very different world from the one I know.

RT: Look, you two may not agree with it, but it’s a fact of life. People who feel good about the way they look are more likely to do well in their career – good looks open doors.

Jean Oldham: beauty editor on a (1) _____________ magazine. She believes that true beauty comes (2) _______________. She believes that we should refuse to be influenced by (3) ______________________. She loves to see (4) _______________ showing on people’s faces.

Rita Taylor: cosmetic surgeon. She believes that plastic surgery can give people (5) _______________. She suggests that Jean’s (6) ___________ had something to do with her getting the job she has.

Michael Hirst: conservative journalist. He believes its (7) ___________________of people to spend vast amounts of money on cosmetic surgery.



Use a/ an with singular countable nouns -the first time you mention a thing /person. I saw an old man with a dog. -when you say what something is. It`s a nice house. -when you say what somebaby does it. She`s a lawyer. -in exclamation with What…? What a sunny day! …….. -in expressions like… a week

Use the -when we talk about something I saw an old man with a dog, and we`ve already mentioned. the dogwas barking. -when there`s only one of something. The moongoes round the sun. -when it`s clear what you`re referring to. He opened the door. -with places in a town, e.g. cinema and theatre. I`m going to the cinema. -with superlatives. It`s the best restaurant in town.


Exercise 1 Complete with a/an, the, or- (=no article).

E.g. Can you give me a lift to the station

I want to catch the 6.00 train.

1. We went to cinema last night.

We saw great film.

2. ADo you like sport? It depends. I hate football. I thinkfootballers earn too much money.

3. He always wearsexpensive clothes and drivesexpensive car.

4. Jake’smusician andartist.

5. They’ve changed date of meeting. It’snext Tuesday now.

6. We walked tocity centre but we gottaxi back tohotel.

Exercise 2 Do the test and explain.

1. African cheetah is believed to be __fastest ani­mal on earth.
a) An, the, the c) , ,
b) The, , d) The, the,
2. ________ most cats hunt in ____ dim light, but they alsohunt in___________ dark and in___________ daylight.
a) , , the, c), , ,
b) The, the, the, the d) The, the, ____ , the
3. __ Captain Cook reached Cape of Good Hopein spring of 1771 and sailed via____St. Helenain the South Atlantic before arriving in England in July 1771,
a) The, the, , the c) The, , , the
b) , the, the, d) , , the,
4. We must organize little dinner to celebrate event. Tell her to come and see me at noon.We'll speak about it.
a) , an, the c) the, the,
b) a, the, the d) a, the,
5. She remained on _____deck until _____midnight, and ____following day she was carried up there again earlyin _____morning.
a) , , the, the c) , , ,
b) a, the, the, the d) the, the, ,